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Dry Screw Vacuum Pump in Photovoltaic Industry

In the application of dry screw vacuum pump in photovoltaic industry, photovoltaic industry may have less contact with us. Photovoltaic is the abbreviation of solar photovoltaic power generation system. It is a new type of power generation system, which uses the photovoltaic effect of semiconductor materials of solar cells to convert solar radiation energy directly into electricity. From upstream to downstream, the industry chain of photovoltaic power generation mainly includes polycrystalline silicon, silicon wafers, batteries and battery components. Provide professional vacuum solutions for photovoltaic industry, dry screw vacuum pump in photovoltaic industry applications.

With the increase of solar panel production, the production area becomes more and more important. Provide high quality dry screw vacuum pump products and excellent vacuum solutions for the market.

Various processes, such as crystalline silicon, CdTe, CIGS or silicon thin film technology, used to produce photovoltaic cells that capture sunlight and convert it into energy are closely related to the development of vacuum technology. From the drawing of silicon crystals to the production of solar cells, to the lamination of solar modules, there can be no vacuum in the manufacturing process. It doesn't matter whether you focus on crystallization or film coating. Providing tailor-made vacuum solutions is a key factor in photovoltaic production.

Laminating - Solar cell lamination process includes packaging solar cells while connecting the front and rear protective panels. In order to obtain the best effect, dry screw vacuum pump provides vacuum suction speed, which is very suitable for this application.

The film is a material layer with thickness ranging from nanometer to several micrometers. In the past few decades, thin film technology has been improved, and reliable products are needed to achieve the best quality. For thin film deposition process, high performance dry screw vacuum pump can be used to provide the best vacuum equipment of the same kind to meet the requirements of this application.


Dry Screw Vacuum Pump Performance Characteristics:

1. There is no medium in the working room, so a clean vacuum can be obtained.

2. The working chamber and the surface of the screw rotor have anti-corrosion coating, which can adapt to the harsh working environment.

3. The gas is not compressed in the pump, so it is suitable for extracting condensable gas.

4. A single pump can be pumped from atmospheric pressure to 1Pa. The vacuum system can be greatly simplified.

5. Water temperature has little effect on vacuum, saving more than 90% of water, even without water.

6. No oil, no water.

7. No friction between rotating parts, high-speed operation, small size

8. The structure is simple and easy to maintain.

9. Pumping gas is directly discharged from the pump body. It does not pollute the water body and has no environmental pressure. It is more convenient to recover the gas.

10. It can be combined with Roots pump and molecular pump oil-free device.

Dry Screw Vacuum Pump Advantages:

1. Optimize the treatment of by-products from lamination process.

2. Long running time and low maintenance cost.

3. High steam resistance and particle compatibility.

4. Easy to clean on site.

5. The operation cost of dry screw vacuum pump is low.

6. Minimum maintenance and extended maintenance interval.

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