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Buy vacuum sintering furnace attention problem

Purchase of vacuum sintering furnace should pay attention to what problems

What effect does the sintering furnace play

Answer: sintering: the powder material after pressing molding under the high temperature action below the melting point, through the body between the particles bond and material transfer, so that the porosity elimination, volume contraction, strength, gradually into a certain geometric shape and strength of the process. The purpose of sintering is to transform the powdery material into a compact body and give the material unique properties.

Buy vacuum sintering furnace attention problem

Purpose of sintering furnace

A: metal powder sintered molding, specific volume of the phone metal shell

Where has vacuum sintering furnace to sell?

Q: for refractory alloys, the temperature should be above 2600 degrees

A: there are several companies in henan that produce sintering furnaces. Luoyang sigma furnace co., LTD is the best one. They mainly produce vacuum sintering furnace, high temperature graphitization furnace, carbonization furnace, medium frequency melting furnace and other heating equipment.

What's the difference between a sintering furnace and an annealing furnace

A: sintering furnace: put the processed metal products into the sintering furnace, burn them in the closed chamber with hot weather and compressed air, burn all the stamping oil CxHy on the surface of the products, and heat the metal to the required temperature of the annealing furnace, and generate black carbon on the metal surface.

Annealing furnace: the already heated metal product with carbon deposition on the surface is sent to the closed annealing furnace

Which home is the best ceramic sintering furnace on market?

The best? I can't say the best because they all make the same stuff. It depends on the material in the parameters.

Case of sintering furnace

A: microwave heating is the key to microwave sintering technology in a microwave sintering furnace. The principle is that under the action of microwave, electronic polarization, atomic polarization, interfacial polarization, dipole polarization and other modes occur to convert microwave electromagnetic energy into heat energy.

Note for acceptance of sintering furnace

Q: vacuum sintering furnace acceptance, do not know what to pay attention to the problem

A: [safety and technical considerations in heat treatment production] in order to make various mechanical parts and processing tools to obtain good performance. Or it may be that making various metals easy to work with often requires changing their physics. Chemical and mechanical properties such as magnetism, corrosion resistance, high temperature oxidation resistance, strength, hardness, plasticity and toughness.

Buy vacuum sintering furnace attention problem

Other configuration and parameter issues:

1. Ultimate vacuum degree and leakage rate (related to furnace sealing)

2, the time to extract the limit vacuum (related to the mechanical pump and roots pump is good or bad)

3. The fastest heating speed (sometimes required by the process)

4. The cooling rate (production efficiency) from the highest temperature to room temperature, with or without quick cooling device

5. The maximum temperature that the furnace can reach and the maximum service temperature of the furnace (the two are different)

6. Specification and model of vacuum gauge (very important, or some vacuum gauge will fail due to pollution resistance, if the vacuum requirement is not high, you can ask the manufacturer to provide an extra pirani vacuum gauge, which is very practical)

7. Is it possible to pass the process gas? This needs to be used.

8, heating material and heating and power connection and insulation material, if it is graphite, must be high purity graphite, it is best to import, insulation material must be good, and wiring structure is not easy to lead to short circuit, or, you are always waiting to repair it.

9, glue liquid collector, this is auxiliary, but equally important, the general product will be mixed liquid dispensing or paraffin, that you have to pay attention to collecting device wax cleaning must be convenient to open the mouth, or make dead you. If you use normal temperature is solid forming agent such as paraffin, then closed wax device must be able to heat, or must be closed.

The uniformity of the temperature zone in the furnace must be measured at different temperature points, such as 300, 600, 900, 1400, and so on.

12, thermocouple must use double core, or in the process of using a burnt out, it will be troublesome.

13, cooling water standards should also be noted, if the cooling water does not meet the standards of the furnace, some of the furnace is difficult to clean the cooling pipe.

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