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BDV insulation strength tester for transformer oil

The insulation strength tester is specially used to test the breakdown voltage of insulating oil.

The full-automatic oil tester is designed according to the requirements of iec156 dielectric strength test method of insulating oil. It is used for dielectric strength test of insulating oil. Through proper programming, it has the functions of automatic boosting, depressurizing, stirring, displaying and printing. After the decomposition of oil medium, HV interruption will run in 10 seconds to realize the automatic isolation of some control systems, which effectively guarantees the safety of personnel and equipment.

The automatic oil tester is controlled by industrial single-chip microcomputer, which is suitable for integrated circuit, new I / 0 connection, special testing and anti-interference technology, greatly improving the performance of the machine.

BDV insulation strength tester Main features:

1. Simple and automatic operation (just press the key)

2. Menu control input data can be cleared

3. It can store 99 sets of oil test data for easy reading and printing. In case of power failure, the test data can be stored for 100 years.

4. The system time can continue to operate in case of power failure;

(the system time is only for reference, not as a timing standard)

5. Software can be upgraded through RS232

6. Strong anti-interference ability and high test accuracy.

7. Small size, large light, very convenient to operate in the open air.

8. The equipment shall provide smooth and continuous output voltage from zero to maximum without distortion of waveform.

9. Audio and sound signals will be displayed in case of sample failure.

Transformer oil BDV dielectric strength tester.jpg

BDV insulation strength tester Technical parameter data:

1. Power supply: 220 ± 10% VAC, 50Hz

2. Output: 60kV, 80kV, 100kV

3. Capacity: 1.2kva (for 60kV), 1.6kva (for 80kV), 2.0kva (for 100kV)

4. Boosting speed: about 2 KVA / S

5. Pressure test speed: 3%

6. Breakdown sensitivity: < 2KV

7. Waveform distortion: ≤ 3%

8. Fault time: ≤ 10ms

9. Working environment: temperature: 0 to 40 ℃,

Humidity: < 85% (relative humidity)

10. Storage environment: temperature: - 20 to 60 ℃, humidity: < 75% (relative humidity)

11. Working altitude: < 1500m. (if more than 1500m, it can be customized)

12. Test cell: 300 to 500 ml glass with protective cover and agitator.

13. Electrode: 36 mm diameter stainless steel ball / 25 mm radius hemispherical stainless steel with a gap of 2.5 mm according to iec-156.

14. Initial residence time of oil sample: 180 seconds

Intermediate residence time of oil sample: 60 seconds

String time of oil sample: 60 seconds

Number of consecutive tests: 6

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