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Application of water ring vacuum pump in canning machine

The vacuum pumping system consists of a vacuum pump, a pressure stabilizer, a dust collector, and a valve link retainer. The selection of vacuum degree and air volume of vacuum pump is the key to the success of V method appearance. The normal maximum vacuum in consumption is around -66500pa (-500mmhg). The pressure stabilizer is a sealed container, whose function is to stabilize the pressure of the vacuum system, to buffer the influence of the system pressure on the appearance, and to filter dust. Dust removal tank; Sandbox for a long time the recycle and pouring molten iron on the formation of a sandbox screen pack's destroyed easily damaged, the sand is formed in the suction vacuum pump wear and tear, had better be in into the vacuum pump money increase dust catcher, link dust removal tank the last into the vacuum pump, to ensure the using life of vacuum pump.When selecting vacuum pumping system, the capacity of vacuum pump should be confirmed first.

Consider the following elements:

1. The size and quantity of sand boxes that need to work in a vacuum at the same time;

2. The number of casting types simultaneously cast;

3. Size and shape of casting;

4, close to the film's cast appearance of permeability, it controls through the plastic film on the gap amount of air into the mold, so when pouring, casting coating helps to provide a "auxiliary seal layer".

Assembly representation diagram of equipment assembly for V method casting and die casting forming sleeve:

V method casting.jpg

1. Toaster switch 2, shaker switch 3, toaster 4, mold plate 5, foam model 6, sand box 7, shaker table 8, pipeline

Distributor 10, dust tank 11, pressure stabilizer 12, vacuum pump 13, distribution cabinet

V process of casting and die casting:

V method casting and die casting are also called negative pressure casting. It is different from traditional sand casting without glue, V method casting is used plastic film sealing sand box, the air inside by draw out type vacuum extraction system, mold, both inside and outside differential pressure, make the dry sand compaction, constitute a cavity, the core, and box, casting, vacuum casting solidification, remove negative pressure, sand with the melting and casting.

V method casting and die casting compared with the traditional sand casting, has the following advantages: one is because of its less suction pouring casting sand holes stomata, product high compactness, bright appearance, outline a clear, accurate size. Second, energy saving, efficient and clean consumption. V method and die mould technology can make the repeated application of dry sand, without drying type, coal consumption electricity consumption reduction, more effective to save labor and greatly reduce the labor intensity, less harmful gas in the process of casting, green consumption to be done.

V casting process:

1. Manufacture type plates with suction boxes and air vents.

2. Will bake in a plastic state of plastic film on the plate cover ordinary heating temperature between 80 ℃ to 120 ℃, vacuum pump suction thin film stick on the plate shape.

As shown in figure:

V casting process.jpg

3. Place the sand box with the filter suction pipe on the template covered with plastic film.

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