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Electromagnetic Shielding Properties of High-porosity Foam Titanium Prepared by Vacuum Thermal Proce

High-porosity foamed titanium with different structures was prepared by vacuum thermal processing technology. Their electromagnetic shielding effectiveness in the radio frequency range was studied through the vacuum thermal processing technology, using the powder melting foaming method and the hanging slurry sintering method respectively. Titanium-nickel alloy powder or mixed powder of titanium powder and nickel powder is used as a main raw material to prepare foam titanium with different structures. 

Vacuum Thermal Processing.jpg

In the process of preparing spherical foamed titanium, the dried prefabricated type (along with the mold) is quickly heated to a temperature of 1000-1200°C in a vacuum of 8 × 10-3 Pa for a certain period of time, followed by certain process conditions under vacuum conditions. Cooling down gives a highly porous foamed titanium product. In the preparation of mesh foamed titanium, the dried impregnated green body is placed in a vacuum furnace, evacuated to a level of 5 × 10-2 Pa at room temperature, and then the furnace temperature is increased to 800-1000 with a slower heating rate. °C, keep warm for more than 2 h, and turn off the furnace after completion. The main pore size of the resulting foamed product is about 1 to 2 mm. 

The main pores communicate with each other to form a three-dimensional network structure of the pore prism skeleton. The overall structure mainly depends on the pore structure of the original polymer matrix; on the pores of the foam body There are also many smaller micropores, which are produced by the thermal decomposition of the organic material in the pores of the preform in the sintering process, and the sintering between the metal powder particles is good.

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