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Single crystal blade single crystal furnace

A single crystal blade is a cast blade with only one grain. The directional crystallized blade eliminates the transverse grain boundaries that are sensitive to voids and cracks, making the entire grain boundary parallel to the stress axis, thus improving the performance of the alloy.

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Nowadays, single-crystal hollow blades containing niobium are the preferred and trend for turbine engines. The blade material of the turbine must be nickel-iron alloy. In the normal casting process, an electromagnet is used to generate a strong directional magnetic field, and the unsolidified superalloy is solidified in the same direction under the action of the directional magnetic field. Finally, all the single crystals with the same molecular arrangement are formed, not the ordinary steel molecules. It is a mess. Neatly arranged materials can withstand high temperatures. This is the secret to the manufacture of single crystal superalloys.

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It is easy to use a turbine blade made of a single crystal superalloy containing germanium. Niobium-bearing single crystal superalloy is a metal material that can work for more than 600°C under certain stress conditions for a long period of time. It has excellent high temperature strength, good oxidation resistance and thermal corrosion resistance, good fatigue performance, fracture toughness and other comprehensive properties. It has become an irreplaceable key material for the hot-end components of military-civilian gas turbine engines.

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SIMUWU can provide the vacuum single crystal directional solidification furnace according to your requirement to produce the single crystal blade.

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