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GCr15 bearing steel heat treatment

GCr15 bearing steel:

GCr15 bearing steel is a kind of high carbon chromium bearing steel with less alloy content, good performance and wide application. After quenching and tempering, it has high and even hardness, good wear resistance, and high contact fatigue performance. The cold-worked steel has moderate plasticity, general cutting performance, poor welding performance, high sensitivity to formation of white spots, and temper brittleness. GCr15 bearing steel, containing c0.95-1.05, Mn0.25-0.45, Si0.15-0.35, in addition to the ball, bearing rings, etc., sometimes it can use to make tools, such as die, measuring tools.

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How to smelt GCr15 bearing steel:

The smelting quality of bearing steel is very demanding, and the content and distribution of sulfur, phosphorus and non-metallic inclusions need to be strictly controlled, because the content and distribution of non-metallic inclusions have a great influence on the service life of bearing steels. The basic quality requirements for bearing steels are pure and uniform. Purity is less impurity elements and non-metallic impurities. The uniform organization is that the carbides in the steel should be fine and distributed uniformly. The higher the amount of inclusions, the shorter the life expectancy. In order to improve the quality of smelting, electric furnace smelting and electroslag remelting have recently been adopted. New techniques such as vacuum smelting and vacuum consumable refining can be used to improve the quality of bearing steel.

GCr15 bearing steel heat treatment: steel rod annealing, wire annealing or 830-840 degrees oil quenching.

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GCr15 bearing steel process parameters:

1. Ordinary annealing: 790-810 degrees heating, furnace cooling to 650 degrees, air cooling - HB170-207

2. Isothermal annealing: 790-810 degrees heating, 710-720 degrees isothermal, air cooling - HB207-229

3. Normal heating: 900-920 degrees heating, air cooling - HB270-390

4 high temperature tempering: 650-700 degrees heating, air cooling - HB229-285

5. Quenching: 860 degrees heating, oil quenching - HRC62-66

6. Low temperature tempering: 150-170 degrees tempering, air cooling - HRC61-66

7. Carbonitriding: 820-830 degrees of co-permeability 1.5-3 hours, oil quenching, -60 degrees to -70 degrees cryogenic treatment +150 degrees to +160 tempering, air cooling - HRC ≈ 67

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SIMUWU offer vacuum heating treatment furnace and vacuum smelting furnace for GCr15, just let us know your detailed furnace requirement, we will provide you the most suitable furnace. 

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