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Car radiator vacuum brazing furnace

The radiator of an automobile consists of three parts: 

water inlet chamber, water outlet chamber, and radiator core. The coolant flows in the radiator core and the air passes outside the radiator. The hot coolant cools as it dissipates heat to the air, and the cold air heats up as it absorbs the heat released by the coolant.

There are two main automotive radiators: 

aluminum and copper. The former is used for general passenger cars and the latter is used for large commercial vehicles.

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Automotive radiator materials and manufacturing technologies are developing rapidly. Aluminum radiator for its obvious advantages in lightweight materials, replacing the copper radiator in the field of car and light vehicle at the same time, the copper radiator manufacturing technique and technology has made considerable development, copper brazing radiator such as buses, engineering machinery, heavy truck engine radiator has obvious advantages. 

The radiator of foreign car is mostly aluminum radiator, mainly from the Angle of protecting environment (especially European and American countries). For the new European cars, the average aluminum radiator accounts for 64%. From the perspective of the development of automobile radiator production in China, the aluminum radiators are gradually increasing. Brazing copper radiators are also used in buses, cargo vehicles and other engineering equipment.

SIMUWU RVB series vacuum brazing furnace including high temperature furnace and low temperature furnace, low temperature vacuum brazing furnace is for aluminum heat exchanger, oil cooler, radiator, and the high temperature vacuum brazing furnace is mostly for copper, stainless steel, and other material brazing, the ultimate vacuum degree and vacuum pump system is according to your requirement.

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