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20CrMnTi gear heat treatment

20CrMnTi is a carburized steel, and the carburized steel is usually a low carbon steel with a carbon content of 0.17%-0.24%. The drive gears used in automobiles are mostly made of Cr Mn Ti steel in hardenable carburizing steels, it has a high hardenability, especially with high low temperature impact toughness in the case of the quenching. 

20CrMnTi surface carburizing and hardening treatment with steel. Good processability, small deformation, excellent fatigue resistance. It usually used for shaft, piston and spare parts, as well as special parts of automobile and aircraft.

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20CrMnTi can be used to make important parts that can withstand high speed, medium or heavy load, impact and friction, such as crossheads of gears, ring gears, and gear shafts. It is a substitute steel of 18CrMnTi, widely used as a carburizing part. It is used in automobile and tractor industries for cross sections below 30mm and withstands high speed, medium or heavy loads as well as impacts. Important carburizing parts for friction, such as gears, shafts, ring gears Gear shafts, spindles for plain bearings, crossheads, claw clutches, worm gears, etc.

20CrMnTi heat treatment specification: 

quenching: 880℃ for the first time, 870℃ for the second time, oil cooling; tempering 200℃, water cooling, air cooling.

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20CrMnTi normalizing: 

20CrMnTi steel in the heating 860℃ insulation speed cooling to 680℃insulation after the air-cooled isothermal normalizing process and heating 960℃ insulation fog after the high-temperature normalizing process, the two processes are relatively different and role.

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