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Gear heat treatment

The heat treatment of gears is divided into preliminary heat treatment and final heat treatment. The purpose of the preparatory heat treatment is to eliminate and improve the defects caused by the previous process, and to prepare the organization and performance for the subsequent procedures. The purpose of the final heat treatment is to make the gears meet the design and use performance requirements. 

Gear heat treatment

Articles resulting from casting and forging or rolling are generally referred to as blanks or steel. During casting, the cooling rate and the solidification rate differ from each other when the parts of the casting are cooled from a high temperature, or the wall thickness of each part and the end temperature of the hot working are different during forging and rolling. Overheating, coarseness, and inhomogeneous grains and other structural defects often occur. Through normalizing or annealing to improve the above organizational defects: grain refinement and organization, and eliminate residual stress, is conducive to cutting, reducing the quench deformation and improve mechanical properties.

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