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Min.Order Quantity: 1 Set/Sets VACUUM FREEZE DRYER

Supply Ability: 2 Set/Sets per Month VACUUM FREEZE DRYER

Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,

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 Working Princple of Freeze Drying Machine

Under vacuum condition, material is freeze dried via principle of sublimation. The moisture in the pre-frozen material is directly sublimed from solid state (ice) to gaseous state (vapor), without melting. Freeze dried products are formed as sponginess, no shrinkage, rehydration excellent, very little water containing. The freeze dried product in sealed packaging can be stored and transported at room temperature for a long time.
How to process the freeze dried food?
High quality fruit processing machine-vacuum freeze drying machine & vacuum fruit freeze dryer LG200 
Features & Advantage
1. Much lower frying temperatures (approx. 90 to 120℃ in practical operation, depending on the product) to maintain flavours and colors.
2. Processing products with higher reducing sugar levels in comparison with normal atmospheric conditions.
3. Minimizing of health harmful thermal reaction products, such as acrylamide.
4. Texture can truly be influenced.
5. Evaporation rate will be faster.
6. Pressure as a new parameter of control next to retention time and temperature.
7. More gentle oil handling.
8. Lower steam pressure for frying oil heating systems required than in atmospheric fryers (approx. 8 bar).
9. No frying vapor emission.

1. Efficiency of heating plates. The material of heating plates is aviation aluminum with anodized on the surface, over 100% heat release to the product by radiation, keeping heating uniformity completely.
2. Alternate vapor trap. Double vapor trap are installed under the heating plates in drying chamber. Trap 1 condenses water vapor to its maximum working cpacity, then trap 2 starts to condense. In the meantime,trap 1 begins to melt ice for another condensation cycle.
3. Continous de-icing. When the trap 2 begins to catch water vapor, the trap 1 begins to melt ice on the coil during the product being dried. After melting, the clean coil ready for another condensation cycle.
4. Automatic control system.
Advanced intelligent control system keeps the system running stably and reliably in a long time. Furthermore, simple operation can be much easier to handle.

1. Nutrition basically remains unchanged. Drying is operated in low temperature and vacuum conditions, so the nutrition is kept, particularly effective to heat sensitive materials.
2. Form basically remains unchanged. The water contained in food is drained directly from solid to gas, so the structure doesn’t change, and just forms space between ice crystals. .
3. Colour basically remains unchanged. As drying is operated in low temperature and vacuum conditions, the physical and chemical properties of food changed little. There is also little possibility of oxidation and enzyme, thus easily to keep original color.
4. Fragrance basically remains unchanged. Because the fragrant components in food largely exist in amorphous concentrated section in the process of freezing, the fragrance can be kept when ice crystals are gasified.
5. The quality of solids hardly losses. Because of the low rate of sublimating water vapor, the substances are basically in quiescent state, thus the loss of solids quality can be ignored.





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