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Industrial Vacuum Freeze Dryer Price

Min.Order Quantity: 1 Set/Sets Industrial Vacuum Freeze Dryer Price

Supply Ability: 2 Set/Sets per Month Industrial Vacuum Freeze Dryer Price

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industrial vacuum freeze dryer Introduction:

Vacuum freeze dryer is currently the most advance dehydrating processing technology in the world,the freeze dried food will not only can keep original shape,taste and fresh but also can be stored for a long time and easy transportation.It is widely used in the field of vegetables, fruits, spices, aquatic products, biological products, medicines, Chinese herbal medicine, beverage, and chemical etc.
industrial vacuum freeze dryer Features:
1.Rectangular type dry chamber, Pre-freezing, drying in same chamber without any manual operation.
2.Drying chamber & shelves made by polished SS 304 or material contact parts SS316 is optional, adopted high strength, high transmittance plexiglassdoor, easy to observe, inside round corner, easy to clean.
3.Oil circulation heating type with high temperature precision control, usually suitable for medical, bio field, electric heating type suitable for food field.
4.GUNDFOS shielded circulating pump and PID control electric heating component; circulation liquid used Low-temperature low- viscosity silicone oil.
5.Shelves heating system uses safe voltage, while heating rate controllable. (Electric heating type)
We have Vacuum freeze dryer from 0.5-200m3(tray's area),capcity  from 5-2000kg,which can be customized according to customer needs of production.


 industrial vacuum freeze dryer
Model HTD-0.5 HTD-1 HTD-3 HTD-5
Sharp and Size(mm) 1500*1000*1800 1600*1100*2000 1800*1300*2100 3500*1800*2100
insatalled power(kw) 7 9 12 17
Tray's area(m2) 0.52 1.07 2.1 5.005
Radiantion Area 3 4 5 8
Cold trap Temperature(ºC) -50 -50 -50 -45
Vacuum Degree ≥1 Pa ≥1 Pa ≥1 Pa ≥1 Pa
Heating way Heat transfer oil,Electric heating
Capacity(kg) 5 10 20 50
Model HTD-10 HTD-20 HTD-100 HTD-200
Sharp and Size(mm) 4500*1800*2300 5100*1800*3000 2400*10000 2700*17000
insatalled power(kw) 27 32 193 250
Tray's area(m2) 10.01 20.02 100.78 200.2
Radiantion Area 8 15 36 44
Cold trap Temperature(ºC) -45 -45 -40 -40
Vacuum Degree ≥1 Pa ≥1 Pa ≥15 Pa ≥15 Pa
Heating way Heat transfer oil,Electric heating Steam
Capacity(kg) 100 200 1000 2000
1.We also have 30m2,40m2,50m2,75m2etc,we can manufature according to your requirements.
2.In order to ensure enough freezeidring area case,some parameter can be adjusted.

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