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Continuous Belt Vacuum Dryer

Min.Order Quantity: 1 Set/Sets Continuous Belt Vacuum Dryer

Supply Ability: 2 Set/Sets per Month Continuous Belt Vacuum Dryer

Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,

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Continuous Belt Vacuum Dryer Description :

This machine is a continuous through-flow drying equipment, used for drying strip and granular materials, with good ventilation. This machine is suitable for dehydrated vegetables, Chinese herbal medicine and other materials. It has high moisture content and does not allow high drying temperature. The machine has the advantages of fast drying speed, large evaporation and good product quality. Dewatered filter cake slurry should be made into granules or strips before drying.
Continuous Belt Vacuum Dryer Principle:
Material is evenly distributed on the mesh through the feeder. The mesh belt is usually made of 12-60 mesh stainless steel mesh, pulled out by the transmission device and moved in the dryer. The dryer consists of several parts. For each part, hot air circulates separately. Part of the exhaust gas is discharged by a special dehumidifying blower. The exhaust gas is controlled by a control valve. Hot air passes through a mesh belt with water belt material. The belt moves slowly, and the running speed can be adjusted freely according to the material properties. The final product of the drying process will be continuously dropped into the material collector. Top and low cycle units can be equipped freely according to user's requirements. Some quantity can be selected according to production demand.
Continuous Belt Vacuum Dryer Characteristics:
1. It can adjust air volume, heating temperature, time of material sticking on belt and feed speed to obtain the best drying effect.
The rotation of the equipment is very good. It can use mesh belt cleaning system and cooling material system.
3. Hot air can be circulated to save energy greatly.
Unique air distributor makes hot air evenly distributed, which can ensure the quality of products.
5 Heating source can choose steam, heat conducting oil, electric furnace, coal furnace and oil-fired furnace.
Continuous Belt Vacuum Dryer Application :
Dehydrated vegetable, pellet feed gourmet powder, coconut stuffing, organic color, compound rubber, acral fiber, medicinal materials, small wood products, plastic products, electronic components and equipment aging and curing.

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