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Economical Type Hot Air Circulating Vacuum Drying Oven

Min.Order Quantity: 1 Set/Sets Economical Type Hot Air Circulating Vacuum Drying Oven

Supply Ability: 2 Set/Sets per Month Economical Type Hot Air Circulating Vacuum Drying Oven

Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,

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        Vacuum drying oven have become very popular in recent times and specifically vacuum heat-treating is mandatory for parts that are manufactured without surface damage like oxidation. Rapid heating and cooling allows operators to quickly cycle through materials which greatly benefits the efficiency of the entire manufacturing process. By having absolute control of the temperature levels inside the vacuum oven then manufacturers can guarantee a higher level of quality assurance. The vacuum range is room pressure~-98Kpa, adjustable. 


      1.Vacuum ovens remove unwanted contamination, when traditional ovens heat metals to high temperature it will cause rapid oxidation.

      2.Convection ovens typically have troubles with heat loss but these newer vacuum ovens show reduced heat loss.

      3.The vacuum environment also allows for quicker product cooling since there are no air molecules to absorb and hold heat.

      4. Since there are no air molecules inside the oven this allows for users to easily control the exact uniform temperatures with precision.

      5.It is self-contained and there are no “burn- off” flames which provide a high level of safety for personal.



Hot air circulation vacuum drying curing oven











Technical Parameters

(Can be adjusted

according to user


Technical Parameters


3 Phase  380V 50HZ

Operating temperature range

From room temperature to 200 ℃

Empty furnace heating time


Furnace surface temperature rise

Room temperature+25℃

Temperature fluctuation


Temperature uniformity

≤±25%(referring to the highest temperature)

The heating power

Based on the oven volume

Blasting power

0.75KW/ unit, the number to be determined

Exhaust power


Effective size








Can be customized according to user requirements of non-standard size

Trolley size

The box of this package

Furnace body

The overall framework of the structure, large oven site with do


Manually open the front of the furnace door


Q235 cold-rolled steel plate after anti-rust treatment, spraying acrylic dry paint


Q235 cold-rolled steel plate by rust treatment, spraying W61 series of silicone heat-resistant paint


Shell skeleton

Q235 channel, angle steel rust treatment

Liner skeleton

Q235 rust-proof steel angle rust treatment, spraying W62 silicone temperature system paint

Insulation Materials

High-quality aluminum silicate cotton, rock wool or other insulation materials




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