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Ants alliance, holding by Shanghai GEHANG vacuum technology co.,ltd. which is an online sales platform. Which is committed to helping GEHANG’s partners to expand overseas’ sales channels, increase the marketing share, increase brand awareness.
Ant alliance service object covers: all of the GEHANG’s upstream and downstream suppliers and customers, manufacturers, service providers, etc.
Ants alliance is a global leader in furnace manufacturing, vacuum furnace,vacuum pump and coating machines.
Ants alliance’s global high-response service and support teams are always on call to provide direct assistance and expert advice to our clients around the world.

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NO.1299, XinJinQiao Road,

Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China.

Heat treatment : Frank +86 - 188 5001 9186

Vacuum pumps: Lany +86 - 131 6268 8673


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