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Magnetron sputtering vacuum coating machine

Model: CCZK-1000-SF (Automatic control system)

The design basis and application

1. CCZK-1000-SF features 

CCZK-1000-SF vacuum plating machine is mainly composed of coating chamber, vacuum pumping system, sputtering source system, evaporation source system, Magnetron sputtering power supply system, evaporation power supply, rotation system, vacuum measure system, gas flow (MFC)system, intelligent control system , etc.

1) Equipped with two sets of latest developed magnetron sputtering source, make sure ion sputtering are more uniform, pure and solid every time.

2) Adopts advanced multi-way gas intake system(MFC system), precise control of gas flow, to satisfy the needs of compounds film coating.

3) Taking evaporation and magnetron sputtering multi function system, it can give you multi coating choices on different products. 

4) Newly developed intelligent Automatic coating technology, PLC and HMI system, to make coating operations become more quickly and easily.  It can storage 20 groups coating data. 

2. Main coating process:

Raw products cleaning or base painting ---sputtering vacuum coating or evaporation coating---top painting ---- finished products.

3. Raw coating material:

Coating material:  Aluminum wire(evaporation), chrome nickle wire(evaporation), Titanium target(sputtering),  Aluminum target(sputtering) , chrome target (sputtering) , etc.

Coating Gas needed:  Ar, N2, O2 , C2H2 etc.

4. Main application: 

CCZK-SF ( decorative coating )widely used in coating different colors and hard film on the surface of plastic parts and some glass parts.It can coat aluminum silver film ,stainless steel film, Titanium film ,etc. On the plastic parts. 

General coating film:  Aluminum film, stainless steel film, TiN, ZrN, TiAlN ,etc.

General coating color:  silver(by evaporation coating system), golden, rose(by magnetron sputtering coating system),  golden (by magnetron sputtering coating system) , gray(by magnetron sputtering coating system), black(by magnetron sputtering coating system), rainbow color (by magnetron sputtering coating system) ,etc.


configuration of pvd machine(CCZK-1000-SF)

Main equipment configuration

Vacuum chamber

Products rotation system

Vacuum gauge

Evaporation source system

Magnetron sputtering source system

Power supply system

MFC gas control system

Vacuum valve system

Vacuum pump system

Automatic control cabinet

Installing ,training and after-sale service.     

1) Quality assurance:

Our products passed the European CE certification, the international ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification, and adhere to this quality standard .

We Strictly follow the vacuum coating equipment manufacturing industry acceptance criteria, and the innovative CICEL manufacturing process;

2)Equipment installation:

Supplier provides technical advice the size of the plant equipment layout, coating technology .we have professional team to provide oversea installing service.

3)Training services:

During installation, the demand side, operators and maintenance personnel must participate. Supplier on-site training for demand-side operators, including training of normal operation, maintenance, and emergency procedures analyze operational problems.

4)After-sale warranty:

Equipment warranty for 12 months, CICEL establish a complete customer information files, timely track customer equipment operation and maintenance situation and ensure the normal running of the equipment.

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