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Automatic uv spraying and oven line

Equip model: CCZK-UV100A

Automatic uv spraying and oven line

The design basis

1.Rational planning, energy-saving design, to ensure the quality of your products, while also achieve higher equipment utilization.

2.Design Principles of low loss and low pollution, to meet your company's overall planning objectives; this painting line is built with high efficiency, high automation and high-quality.

3.Easy operation and maintenance system PLC+HMI control. generation CCZK - UVA series automatic coating production line adopts advanced and complete coating system: widely used in the field of plastic,glass,metal painting. 

Configuration of uv line(standard configuration)

1.summary of the line

new generation CCZK - UVA series automatic uv spraying production line adopts advanced and complete painting system. CCZK-UVA series uv lines get the EU CE certification, and implement ISO9001:2008 management system strictly, it can be widely used in plastic, metal, glass UV coating, UV automatic spraying technology has excellent surface formation, dense and uniform coating adhesion to products. 

1) Complete coating line system, loading and unloading transmission area, electrostatic dust removal booth, flame booth, UV automatic spraying booth(2sets), IR preheat booth(2sets), UV curing booth, cooling booth, air filter system, air fan system , conveyor system.

2) Automatic spraying technology, equipped with latest automatic painting gun system

3) Adjustable chain type design, excellent stability, flexible for line planning, installation plan; 

4) Advanced control system equipped with fully automatic painting, parameter stored system , PLC smart system, Alarm and error display system,. Simple and easy operating are all at your fingertips; 

5) Reasonable of infrared heating process, whole Angle UV curing layout, fast complete Angle of preheating curing process; 

6) Matching with cicel CCZK-EL series vacuum coating equipment , you can get the excellent surface coating. 

2. UV surface treatment process (reference) 

1) Primer spraying (transparent) : 

Using equipment: CCZK - UV100A series automatic UV spraying oven line 

Original products loading on line --- Automatic electrostatic dust cleaning --- Automatic flame treatment (optional) --- Automatic electrostatic dust cleaning (optional) ---Automatic primer painting(optional) ---Automatic IR infrared preheat oven (optional) ---Automatic UV automatic spray ( uv primer) --- Automatic IR infrared preheat oven --- Automatic UV lamp curing --- Automatic products cooling--- product offline.

2) vacuum coating: 

Using equipment: CCZK - EL series vacuum evaporation coating machine 

Products with base paints to Vacuum metallizing.

3) Top spraying (transparent or color paints) : 

Using equipment: CCZK - UV100A series automatic UV coating line. 

After metallizing products online--- Automatic electrostatic dust cleaning-1 --- Automatic electrostatic dust cleaning -2(optional) ---Automatic UV automatic spray ( uv top painting ) --- Automatic IR infrared preheat oven --- Automatic UV lamp curing --- Automatic products cooling--- product offline---finished products.


Installing ,training and after-sale service.    

1. Quality assurance:

Our products passed the European CE certification, the international ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification, and adhere to this quality standard .We Strictly follow the UV spraying equipment manufacturing industry acceptance criteria, and the innovative manufacturing process;

2. Equipment installation:

Supplier provides technical advice the size of the plant equipment layout, coating technology .we have professional team to provide oversea installing service.

3. Training services:

During installation, the demand side, operators and maintenance personnel must participate. Supplier on-site training for demand-side operators, including training of normal operation, maintenance, and emergency procedures analyze operational problems.

4. After-sale warranty:

Equipment warranty for one year, our establish a complete customer information files, timely track customer equipment operation and maintenance situation and ensure the normal running of the equipment.

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