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Vacuum brazing of plate heat exchanger

Application is introduced



 The corrugated plate, which is pressed by many stainless steel plates, is composed of a front and rear cover, separated by a high purity copper sheet (or nickel piece), which is soldered in a vacuum high temperature furnace. Adjacent plate grain in the opposite direction, corrugated and ridge line intersect with each other, form a lot of contact with solder joints, the vacuum brazing, so as to form a complex flow channel in the heat exchanger unit, let the cold and hot fluid to flow through.

According to the requirements of customers, each corrugated plate will be combined with high, medium and low flow heat transfer plates to achieve the optimal heat transfer effect. The heat transfer coefficient is up to 3000-12000w, and within K range. The entire device has no gasket and no outer frame, forming a compact plate heat exchanger which can withstand continuous high temperature and high pressure conditions.


The brazing plate heat exchanger has compact structure, high heat transfer efficiency, light weight, easy installation, no maintenance, low fluid volume, high working pressure, durable and economical energy saving.


Application scope of brazing plate heat exchanger.

 1. Regional heating (heat supply, waste heat recovery, etc.)
 2. Air-conditioning equipment (heat transfer, cooling water, heat transfer, etc.)
 3. Evaporator and condenser of the refrigerator, as well as exhaust gas preheater and oil coolers.
 4. Chemical, metal machinery (organic, inorganic chemical industry, heat and cooling, gold plating liquid, oil cooling project.
 5. Food industry (milk, beer, food cooling, heating, sterilization, etc.)
 6. Fiber industry, electric power, atomic force, paper making, etc.
 7. Heat transfer in other ships, medicine, poultry farms and horticultural cultivation.


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