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Vacuum Evaporation Coating Machine for Car Parts

This evaporation equipment is mainly used in coating different colors on plastics, metal products, such as car reflective bowl, ABS plastic , acrylic stones, resin stones, shoes parts, lamps and lanterns, decorative, buttons, cosmetic shell cap, toys...

It has the efficient pumping speed,stable vacuum ,uniform coating film.

Using this automatic evaporating coating equipment means low operation cost, stable and reliable performance, It is a highly humanized coating equipment.

This vertical vacuum evaporation coating machine is specialized in coating aluminum, chromium wire, nickel wire and other special equipment on the surface of plastics or metal parts, it is a commonly used vacuum deposition process in which electric energy is used to heat a filament which in turn heats a deposition material to the point of evaporation.

1) Adopt vertical front doubles door design, experience unprecedented film coating speed and high production efficiency,  the coating film also has the excellent adhesion and brightness;

2) Intelligent touch screen automatic control system, the human nature design and optimization control by PLC programming;

3) Reasonable vacuum unit design, adopt the domestic top manufacturers accessories, reducing customer maintenance cost;

4) Manufactured by cicel latest innovation technology, comprehensive through the EU CE and ISO international quality management system certification;

5) Innovative rotation system design, calibration uniform rotation speed, it can obtain more stable rotation evaporation process.


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