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Silicon Vacuum Coating Machine for Car Headlight

This equipment is mainly used in coating high reflector metal film on the plastics parts (some metal need to do base coating ),like,automotive headlight. 


CCZK-1600PL has the efficient pumping speed,stable vacuum ,uniform coating film.

Using CICEL innovation research CCZK-1600PL automatic evaporating HMDSO coating equipment means low operation cost, stable and reliable performance, It is a highly humanized coating equipment.

CICEL CCZK - 1600PL vertical vacuum coating machine is specialized in coating aluminum reflector film and silicone oil top coat on the auto plastic parts. Cicel CCZK-PL series auto lamp dedicated vacuum coating machine is secondary research on the CCZK-EL evaporation coating system, is a new generation of innovative design coating equipment for automotive headlight .


1) Adopt vertical front doubles door design, experience unprecedented film coating speed and high production efficiency,  the coating film also has the excellent adhesion and brightness;

2) The innovative design of the evaporate electrode to give the coating film with excellent density, uniformity and adhesion.

3) Adopt aluminum evaporation and silicone oil sputtering top coat system , avoid secondary pollution of the product effectively

4) Innovative rotation system design, calibration uniform rotation speed, it can obtain more stable rotation evaporation process;

5) Newly developed intelligent Automatic coating technology, PLC and HMI system, to make coating operations become more quickly and easily.  It can storage 30 groups coating data.

6) Manufactured by cicel latest innovation technology, comprehensive through the EU CE and ISO international quality management system certification.


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