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Automotive parts brazing manufacturing process

Manufacturing process of vacuum brazing furnace

Introduction to the
Vacuum brazing means that the workpiece is heated in a vacuum chamber, which is mainly used for the welding of high quality products and easy oxidation materials. The vacuum brazing furnace comprises a pressure vessel with a cylindrical side wall and a door, and the size and position of the door are designed to seal the end of the cylinder side wall. The workpiece processing system is installed on the pressure vessel door to support the metal workpiece for heat treatment or brazing. The workpiece processing system includes the device that makes the workpiece turn in the process. The vacuum system can be connected to the workpiece so that the pressure inside the workpiece is less than atmospheric pressure during brazing.

Manufacturing process of vacuum brazing furnace    Manufacturing process of vacuum brazing furnace     Manufacturing process of vacuum brazing furnace

Advantages of vacuum brazing

 1. Vacuum brazing, because it does not use the flux, significantly enhances the product's corrosion resistance, eliminates all kinds of pollution, pollution-free processing equipment, and has good safety production conditions;
 2. Vacuum brazing not only saves a lot of expensive metal flux, but also does not require complicated flux cleaning process, which reduces the production cost.
 3. The wetness and fluidity of the solder brazing solder can weld more complex and narrow channels, and the vacuum brazing can improve the product yield and obtain a solid clean working face.
 4. Compared with other methods, the internal structure and fixture of the furnace have long life, which can reduce the maintenance cost of the furnace.
 5. Is suitable for vacuum brazing material a lot, such as: aluminum, aluminum alloy, copper, copper alloy, stainless steel, alloy steel, mild steel, titanium, nickel, nickel by kang (Inconei) can travel through a vacuum brazing furnace, the designer according to soldering device USES to determine the required materials, including aluminum and aluminum alloy applied most widely.

 Application of vacuum brazing.
 Stainless steel heat exchanger, plate-fin oil cooler, non-silver copper vacuum brazing process, aluminum radiator brazing, vacuum brazing impeller, etc.

Manufacturing process of vacuum brazing furnace

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