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Carburizing quenching treatment of automobile parts

Blind rivets belong to automobile fasteners, which are mainly used for riveting in the process of automobile manufacturing.

Carburizing heat treatment equipment for automobile parts mainly includes box-type multi-purpose furnace, single row, double row and multi-row continuous furnace, vacuum (low pressure) carburizing high-pressure gas quenching furnace, etc. The important symbol of the development of carburizing heat treatment technology is the application of sensing technology and computer technology in production. Carburizing heat treatment process parameters, such as temperature, time, carbon potential, quenching process and action program completely automatic control, even according to the technical requirements of parts, material brand and characteristics, the system can automatically generate process, intelligent control.

Carburizing quenching treatment of automobile parts

The main purpose of carburizing heat treatment is to make parts obtain good fatigue resistance and wear resistance, to ensure the reliability of parts performance. Carburizing hardening heat treatment parts are: car drive axle differential gear, transmission shaft gear parts, steering gear shaft gear parts, engine piston pin and gear parts.

Carburizing heat treatment production line for automobile parts has the following characteristics:

(1) industrial computer monitoring and data collection of furnace temperature, carbon potential and automatic line action program.

(2) automatic tracking and monitoring of carburizing heat treatment process on the automatic line to realize carburizing process simulation and optimization and prediction of carburizing quality of parts.

(3) real-time display and control of temperature, carbon potential and action in the furnace, automatic diagnosis, display and alarm of system faults.

(4) the whole process of production process is automatically displayed, recorded, saved and documented online, and a traceable heat treatment quality management system is established. Production records from months or years ago can be queried as needed.

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